Spatial object sculptures by Michael Johansson

At the mere mention of the word Tetris, the game’s catchy electro song begins blaring in our heads. Artist Michael Johansson’s precisely stacked sculptures made from ordinary objects induce the same internal Nintendo soundtrack. Using found objects like old computer screens, keyboards, cars and suitcases, the Swedish designer creates incredible geometric sculptures - both inside the gallery and jammed into site-specific space

domainofdragons asked:

8, 9 and 34. And whoever you wanna talk about, I just wanna hear about all of your brain children.

All of them it is then~
Or the main group at least

VIII: What are some of your OCs strengths?

  • Sverre - Stubbornness is one of the first things that comes to mind. Once a task has been laid out for him he’ll keeping going at it until all cards have been played. He also has a knack for improvising and remaining calm under pressure.
  • Exile - She is by far the smartest of the group as far as general and mechanical knowledge goes. That in combination with her ability to quickly analyze a situation makes her a key player when backup or resupply runs are needed.
  • Neekgax - As cliche as it is his greatest strength is physical strength. The guy is a brilliant tactician, but this is overshadowed most of time by the fact that he’s built like a freighter.
  • Rook - Resolve and optimism may not seem all that impressive, but they play a huge part in maintaining the group’s morale. They won’t ever admit admit it to his face though.
  • Bishop - Gotta go with stealth and intuition. They’re the group’s eyes and ears for just about everything. Entire missions can sometimes rest on their shoulders.
  • Gremlin - Is a mathematical prodigy. Her primary role in the group is being a hacker, but she also crunches numbers and calculates probabilities of the group’s plans.
  • Doc - She claims to be one of the best medics this side of the galaxy which is more or less true. On top of that she is also one of the toughest as well.
  • Panic/Mayhem - Speed is by far their greatest strength. The mental link they share also helps them relay information on the fly making them a crucial asset to the group when things take a turn for the worse.

IX: What are some of your OCs weaknesses?

  • Sverre - Stubbornness is just as harmful as it is helpful with this guy. Often he will get in way over his head and put the rest of the group or mission in danger.
  • Exile - Has a very short temper which sometimes blinds her to reason when a situation hits too close to home for her.
  • Neekgax - He has the slowest reaction time of the group. This sometimes betrays how smart he is and causes him to not be taken seriously on solo missions.
  • Rook - Is quite naive and still has a long way to go before the group begins to put trust in him. His bleeding heart has caused a number of problems and complications.
  • Bishop - Can be extremely cold at times and tends to limit their interactions with the rest of the group whenever they’re between jobs. This has cause trust issues in the past.
  • Gremlin - Is a huge procrastinator and will often put things off until the last possible minute.
  • Doc - Is a bit of a fanatic when it comes to her craft. There are times where she will completely ignore everything else to focus on something or someone she’s taken an interest to.
  • Panic/Mayhem - These two need to be close to each other in order to live. Their bodies begin to deteriorate when they’re too far apart and this process speeds up the farther apart they are.

XXXVI: Is your OC religious?

The only person in the group that comes anywhere close to religious is Rook. Even then his faith is pretty loose and more of a social norm with his people than an actual practice. Panic and Mayhem could be considered religious by technicality, but they don’t actually believe in a deity. Instead their race idolizes the nature and cycle of energy in the universe. In actual practice it doesn’t amount to much more than simple ideology and a “waste not want not” lifestyle.